Thursday, January 21, 2010

clyde barrow p★etry lesson

F@ck the Kray Twins. I have no time at all for those crocodile twats.

Mixed by
Danny Briottet and Mark Stent.
Sample from Serge Gainsbourg.

RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE: RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE (7" MIX) from "Renegade Soundwave" 10" + 12" Maxi (Mute) 1994 (UK)


ib said...

The mere mention of the Kray twins only serves to remind me of the recent very public gangland hit outside a Glasgow Asda supermarket. As mothers and toddlers trickled in and out to the car park with freewheeling shopping trolleys.

Lock, stock and two smoking haddocks is a misnomer. Automatic weapons were seemingly employed.

ib said...

Clyde Barrow and. Ronnie Barker.

Re-encoded from higher fidelity Ogg Vorbis.

This one is relentless. Nice call, AW.

I can't believe this one flew under my radar on its release. I might well of been deep in the grip of psychosis; or merely engaged in some deeply antisocial malpractice.

Anonymous said...

This is the one! 'Lush' indeed lol (although in recent years the whistling guitar mix has [almost] replaced this version in my affections)I also missed this on 1st issue - bought a few early 12" of theirs in late 80s then promptly forgot about them until late 90s best of CD - Boy! oh boy, was my face red? er, no not really. When RSW are on they are ON, some of the other stuff - meh, very of it's time.
Ditto sentiments re Kray Twins - never understood the lionisation of 2 pasty punchers in suits, but then I'm not from Cockernee land innit:-)

anto said...

ask any iriah guy what he dislikes most about england/nglish folks and its that brand of london/cockney wanker. ironically in these post peace treaty times, the lord of the manner dudes are seen as lovable drunks. but the krays et al, fuckin bastards - they have influenced our own gangland characters with their lovable nicknames (monk, penguin, fatpuss). land of hope and glory style/spirit of the blitz bastards. regardless of the alleged robin hood style antics, they ended up with dodgey dave as their progeny. cunts.

good song though

Löst Jimmy said...

Those gangster types loved their mums though. Reminds me of Richard Burton's early seventies attempt at a London Gangster, in The Villain; dodgy accent, dodgy shoes but he still loved his mum.

Have a good weekend ib. Driech up here as per normal at least it is a Saturday and the neighbours are away (I hope).

ib said...

A good song, yes. But it gets quite tiresome in fairly short order.

Richard Burton was fairly watchable in that film. Hokey, as per usual, but okay.

Anto. In the final analysis, I feel, the IRA and the UDA are two sides of the same bloody coin. Drugs and prostitution for guns; guns to line some pockets.

"Mad Dog", though: what a riculous moniker. I concur with your observation.