Saturday, January 30, 2010

import and export

king's road, 1977. opposite lloyd's bank.

Produced by Micky Foote and The Clash.

THE CLASH: POLICE & THIEVES from "The Clash" LP (CBS) 1977 (UK)


Denier said...

One of the best cover songs in the long history of Mankind would not be overstating it.

ib said...


anto said...

quite right gents, would give your buggle a boner.

on the topic of blair, it's remarkable really. as some head said, it's a subject he's been practicing for for a long time like a mastermind contestants specialist subject. the pathetic attempt to draw contrition at the end was not only wasteful, but missed the entire point.
the only thing you'd wonder is what the fuck was he thinking? the hapless cunt presumably thought his name was going into the great book when its written as some sage/far thinking international statesman. to me, he's teh Dirk Kuyt of history. Look that one up American pals. Ib gets it don't yeh mate?
Just finished McCartheys The Road. Jesus wept.

Ramone666 said...

Don´t diss the Dirk, Anto. He´s the hardest working man in Dutch football.

ib said...

Well. I don't know about Dirk Kuyt, but Blair does appear to have received his intelligence directly from god. No doubt the same font of wisdom attended by Bush.

"Signed in blood ?" What the fuck is that all about ?

Even more disconcerting is the allegation he was recently observed scrabbling to lay his hands on the passing coffin of a disinterred saint at Canterbury Cathedral.

Dem bones, dem bones. Very voodoo.

As for McCarthy's "The Road", I have not read it yet; although I admire his writing. It's been a while.

Spoiler alert. Somewhere down the line I read the resolution, as transposed into the film. This I have not seen either, but I have "access" to a dodgy copy.

I want to read it first, if possible. Kind of runs with echoes of Russell Hoban's "Riddley Walker" in there, I suspect.

Not one to watch with my son, I feel.

Ramone666 said...

Now your talking Anto. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

yup sorry about that ramone. jaysus you dutch lads are a tad touchy about your players. i work for a company with a lot of dutch connections and often have furious arguements with some counterparts from holland about ryan bab/dirk kuyt being poor enough for liverpool. they'll have none of it defineding them to the last.

interesting reading some of the comments re mumbai/galsgow urban renewal. during our boom years here on ireland they built scabourous 'town houses' in previously heroin blighted areas near the city centre in dublin. these mostly came to house immigrants who duly (and correctly in my view) colonised certain areas of town. were previously there stood street of betting shops and pubs housing all day nafarious types theer now stands korean eateries, nigeria hair extension parlours and eh, betting shops. seems that one's universal. stil, much nicer places now, cheap to eat in, multinational buzz. when theres any footah championships on these are the places to be.
the world is indeed fucked but i think that the more authoritarian leaders of the past have given way to hapless/useles types in it for the quick buck and maybe the grass roots thing will let it evolve into something tolerable. you never would have seen the influx of foreign people into these shores 30 yrs ago in the way we have now. and while the Daily Mail/BNP pricks certainly have a lot to say, the fact is, it's happened.
kind of feel i'm off point here but there you go.

anto'letting sunday dinner farts' daly

ib said...

Liverpool FC. One thing I don't see eye to eye - ear to ear ? - with the late John Peel.

Regards the regeneration thing, Anto, don't get me started. Again. Any social advances as a result of civic engineering, I feel, are wholly accidental.

ib said...

...back on "The Road".

I'd like to read McCarthy first, I think, before I wallow in the film. Viggo Mortensen is a pretty decent actor.

I read "All The Pretty Horses" a good few years back, and rather enjoyed it. Couldn't get into the cinematic adaptation for whatever reason. In my mind's eye I saw it pretty much in the same monochrome flavour as "Lonely Are The Brave" and "Hud".