Sunday, January 24, 2010

stars on 45: if we haven't done what we could have done, we've tried

500 copies with silk screened 3 colour 'Beatles' jackets. No plastic wigs.

A Day In The Life • The End • Money • Tell Me What You See • God • The Beatles 3rd Christmas Record • Can't Buy Me Love • Tell Me Why • I Am The Walrus (backwards) • Blue Jay Way • Drive My Car • Another Girl • Strawberry Fields Forever • All My Loving • Dizzy Miss Lizzie • Only A Northern Song • Yellow Submarine • No Reply • I'm A Loser • Mr. Moonlight • I Am The Walrus (forwards) • Love You Too • I Want To Hold Your Hand • Hey Bulldog • Bad Boy

THE RESIDENTS: BEYOND THE VALLEY OF A DAY IN THE LIFE from "The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The Beatles" 45 (Ralph) 1977 (US)



Ramone666 said...

I remember that around ´78 Trout Mask and early Ubu was about the weirdest music I ´d ever heard - and loved. But then someone played me the Residents Third Reich & Roll. Art by Pore No Graphics or Pore Know Graphics btw...

ib said...

"Third Reich 'N Roll" is monumenntal; albeit I've only ever listened to it in its entirety two or three times at most.

The artwork is immense, too. Pore Know Graphics.

Both the "Satisfaction" 45 and "Beatles Play the Residents..." are included on later CD reissues as bonus material. The b-side cover of "Flying" was allegendly undertaken as a result of it being the one Beatles song published actually credited to the group as a whole, Ralph Inc. style.

Interesting that you should allude to Ubu by way of comparison. Beefheart too.

Genuinely radical, all. And hard to pick just one definitive moment in their devolution.

ib said...


While more of a genuine typo than a spelling error, I notice that there is no built-in spell-check under Blogger's updated post editor.

I have become very lazy. Expect to see some ridiculous spelling errors designed to make me look a complete moron in the near future.

Actually. I am currently switching between the old and updated editor on every new post. Some pedantic idiocy on my part, but I notice each editor varies the point size perceptibly on publication...

Spare the rod. But not the hair shirt, apparently.

Emmett said...

I just "discovered" this cut. Pleasantly amused to find you'd posted it first, old boy!

Hope all's well with Milo and the family...

ib said...


I finaly 'resurfaced' to find your comment lurking in my in-tray. Close to the top of a tangle of emails too impacted to contemplate.

Well. This version may not have gone so 'pop' as the Stars on 45 syrupy distillation of the Fab 4, sadly, but would that it had.

A trip to McDonald's might be a whole lot of fun.

Curiously. I just checked back in with a post featuring Miles' "Right Off". You got the jump on me with that one.

'Fin de la Décennie'fashion.

Milo is doing great. I recently installed carpeting for the first time ever. Good thing, too. He is currently engaged in a great deal of rollin'.

Not looking forward to the fingerpainting stage so much, however.

I am guessing Noah might be at that stage already ? Good times. Give him Milos's best wishes. He's been itching to get at this keyboard. While I admire his enthusiasm, I'm not quite so eager to indulge the excesses of progressive rock. Just yet.