Saturday, January 2, 2010

aggrovator archangel

rosa celeste:
"dante and beatrice gaze upon the highest heaven (the empyrean)"
gustav doré.

Q: Is that a cornfield ? A: No. it is the Nephilim.

The title dub from "A Ruffer Version: Johnny Clarke at King Tubby's (1974 - 1978)"; aka "Special Brew", appropriately, issued first in 1995 on the "Bionic Dub" retrospective, through the Lagoon imprint, France, and Culture Press.

Produced by Bunny Lee. The Aggrovators:
Roland Alphonso: horn;
Ansel Collins: organ;
King Tubby: performer; Boofa: rhythm guitar;
Rod Bryan: guitar; Carlton Davis: drums;
Bobby Ellis: horn; Ossie Hibbert: piano;
Tommy McCook: horn; Jackie Mittoo: organ;
Lloyd Parkes: bass; Robbie Shakespeare: bass;
Earl "Chinna" Smith: guitar; Lester Sterling: horn.

Mixed at King Tubby's
Home Town Hi-Fi, Kingston.


JOHNNY CLARKE: RUFFER VERSION from "A Ruffer Version: Johnny Clarke at King Tubby's (1974 - 1978)" CD (Trojan) 2002 (Jamaica / UK)



You're just a step ahead of me, Br'er R'Ibbit. I was coming with Bionic Dub. Now you get a triple-header.

King Tubby - Bionic Dub

King Tubby - Creation Dub

King Tubby - Water Dub

anto said...

Hi Ib,

Back from a few days out of Dublin/avoiding the new years mess you were speaking of. Spent most of the time of bleak beaches in south or ireland with loads of the dub you lot are sending out bouncing into me head. Still didn't manage to go easy on the drink though.

Funny, yr appraisal of the noughties cultural wasteland. Bizzare as it is, I would agree that TV offered the most notable highlights.

A few of the philip roths were good bookwise. WG Sebald (mostly written in the 80s/90s but translated later). Simon Grays diaries.

The web/blog thang seems to have been significant if only for codgers like ourselves having the opportunity of talking to similarly wizzened types.
The Stephen Malkmus solo records were great also.

I went to the All tommorows parties festival in Hastings a few years back. Tortoise were the main band. Lots of interesting music, some rerally good music (Mike Watt, J Peel DJ'd; sonic boom from Spacemen 3) and loads of stuff to take in. But still managed to feel at the end 'Its over'. Then again, so did Capt America.
A pox on the myspace obsessed media and the strokes. In many ways, the entirely derivative sound of the strokes/F Ferdinand set the tone for the last 10 yrs. Along with the purveyors of taste in the media who pounce on anything and hype it to the point were any potential good that could come from it musically is washed over in hype, celebrity and cant. (ref artic monkeys).

Where is the new 'sound'?

ib said...

Hey Anto,

Bleak beaches sound very wholesome. It has been a while. One of these days I intend to make it up to Orkney. I have heard very good things about it.

Occasionally we make it as far as Arran and the West Highland Way.

Agreed about the Malkmus. And the blight inflicted by Franz Ferdinand and the Strokes. And a certain other hugely popular Scottish band a decade earlier. In part it is that whole Ferne Cotton / Hollyoaks thing. And Joe Whiley too. Evil and hopelessly uninformed.

I haven't listened to Tortoise in quite some time. I was thinking to myself that that Hastings bash must have been a long time back if Peel was DJ'ing, then it occurred to me... I actually had to look it up. Jesus. 2004 ? It seems like he's been gone for much longer.

It occurs to me too that outside of newspaper articles and other people's blog entries, I haven't done a whole bunch of reading recently. Of those books I have read - and a few of them were quite good and new to me - I've managed to already forget the names of the authors.

Oh well. That is premature dementia of a sort, quite probably.

I'm struggling to pin down that "new sound" too. Fuck knows. No doubt Simon Cowell is behind it. Or Edith Bowman twitter.


Thanks for the great comment over at Slow Walking Daddy. I posted up the entire St Arkansas in the comments.

jonder said...

I am a new visitor to this blog, just wandering the halls and admiring your fine graphics, your writing and all the classic dub that you and Nathan have been sharing. Thank you!

ib said...

Jonderneithica, thank you for the generosity of your words. Nate has been turning me on to lot of rare dubs I might otherwise have missed entirely. What started out as an anticipated minor threat escalated into something far more substantial.

I've just moved this blog to a new domain and caught up in some maintenance crap when I chanced upon your comment. Curious, I sneaked a peak at "Underneathica".

What's this ? The Residents and JR in one and the same post?!!

Consider it my pleasure to link to you.