Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bubblegum, comic strip, disco bullet

Arranged and conducted by Michel Colombier. Recorded at Hoche Studios, Paris; 11th & 12th December 1967.

bul•let |ˌbʊlɪt|
ORIGIN early 16th cent.(denoting a cannonball): from French boulet,
boulette ‘small ball’
, diminutive of boule, from Latin bulla ‘bubble'.

Released Jan 2nd, 1968.

SERGE GAINSBOURG: BONNIE AND CLYDE from "Bonnie And Clyde b/w Comic Strip / Bubblegum" EP (Fontana) 1968 (France)


Anonymous said...

Renegade Soundwave!
or a little later -
MC Solaar 'Nouveau western'
superb riff - superb track - superb lyrics, superb 'effects' : the fact those 2 sample borrowing tracks are also tremendous in their own right is testament to the power of the original.

Love the blog btw - some fine writing & imagery. Have made off with some of the dub tracks I hadn't heard before whilst chuckling to self.


ib said...

Thanks for dropping by, AW, and leaving some - very kind - words.

Renegade Soundwave rang a bell, vaguely - gangster dub - but I don't recall haring their version of "Bonnie & Clyde." Shame. I searched the web for it, but it's conspicious by its absence; not making it onto their retrospective.

To compound matters, I am positive I haver never heard MC Solaar's sampling of the riff and effects.

This is a recording which was miles ahead of the competition on its release, for sure. Infectious enough to very nearly propel a left-footed imbecile like me onto the dance floor.

Grab the dub freely and don't make yourself a stranger.

anto said...

wasn't the renegade soundwave use in theat cocaine sex tune?

And I would cocnur stongly with AW on Solaars use of it.

Lush, as they say in Wales.

ib said...

Interesting, anto. "Cocaine Sex" was the one thing I blagged which 'spoke' to me.

Yes, fuckin' indeed.

Solaar ? You're speaking a different language, man. R U tryin' to dig me up, or what ?

ib said...

Actually. After much digging around, it would seem the Gainsbourg sample is on the track "Renegade Soundwave" itself. From 1994's "How You Doin ?"

It was also released as a 7", and on maxi with various remixes.