Friday, January 15, 2010

melody du papa doc

No. Nothing to do with recent events in Haiti; merely an - albeit clumsy - excuse to post yet another mildly salacious photograph of Jane B with musical accompaniment from occasional 'regular', Serge. 

Watching the newsreel footage of naked panic and - understandably unfocused - rage, it does occur to me that we've been here before. At a controlled distance.

Arranged and conducted by Jean-Claude Vannier.

SERGE GAINSBOURG: MELODY (EXTRAIT DE MELODY NELSON) from "Histoire De Melody Nelson" LP (Philips) 1971 (France)


Mondo said...

I never. Never. Get tired of this album, great bass sound too

ib said...

Definitely a great LP, PM. Very possibly his best, certainly in terms of song consistency and arrangement. His best period, in my opinion. "L' Homme à Tête de Chou" is pretty decent too.

Mondo said...

Ta for the tip off, I'll grab as soon as..

ib said...

Well worth it. Also. It took me a long time - many years, in fact - to source that infamous mega pre-disco charge as being from Serge's 1968 outing with BB. The f@cker was something of a supreme talent, I think; closely guarded by a Dan Brown syndicate of opaque codicils.

All this, too, before that guitarist out of Blur and his entirely justified admiration for all things Serge.