Sunday, January 10, 2010

sweet sweet little ramona

Forgive me, siblings. Infirm motherf@ckers. I am in transit, currently migrating to a custom domain, and neither of my search engines up here appears to function as 'advertised'. So. If I've posted this bit o' bob before pay it no mind.

Those three Dylan LPs I most often revisit are "
Another Side"; "Bringing it all Back Home"; and "Desire". In no particular order.

I have not listened to a Dylan LP in its entirety since 1978's "
Street Legal".

Two years before the shades came down. Do not chastise me if you ever backed the wrong horse.
The embers are cold; the bridle lies in cinders. I am still wed.

Recorded 9 June 1964 at Columbia Studios, New York City.

BOB DYLAN: TO RAMONA from "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" LP (Columbia) 1964 (US)


Lynchie from Aberdeen said...

A marvellous song. He's really never bettered his 60's stuff, despite what all the Dylanologists say...

ib said...

Lynchie, I am inclined to agree. Then again, I can lose myself in his acerbic '70s musings for hours at a time.

On balance, the last official release to floor me was probably the first three volumes of "The Bootleg Series".