Sunday, January 17, 2010

sibling whispers: roll away the stoner

Kudos to Jesus is Love. Not least for running with the same shaped ball without fumbling it once over the course of so many posts. And not so much a continuing 'site' gag as a cue to make one stop and think.

And laugh like a drain.

Juggling three sites in tandem - while struggling not to live in a car like Charlie Harper - ought to stretch any one individual to breaking point, but that is precisely where Brother Snuh makes his stand; musician and occasional refugee from a never ending Stoner Party just around the corner.

For the real skinny on what differentiates JC from Rob Zombie or Lazarus, tune your ear for the clarion call. 

Just don't forget to fish the carp out your Eustachian tube.


Anonymous said...

!!! Wow, much thanks, brother. A very nice way to awake amidst a hangover!

ib said...

Well. Glad to hear you did some serious celebrating. If ever there is justification for a hangover it is the morning after a birthday... Anybody's birthday will do.

"Jesus is Love" is terrific. It had me spitting drool onto the monitor, and when I wasn't laughing out loud I was caught in some serious chin stroking. Great images.

Well played, brother.