Monday, January 11, 2010

the insult that built a man out of mac

atlas, the younger. montage by ib.

i put 2 full inches on my arms, 3 inches on my chest and trimmed 4 inches off my waist in just 7 weeks.

Orphaned in Kansas and now seemingly operating out of Chicago, agitator incognito revealed to me by e-mail:

"1 of us has been arrested a couple times, 1 of us is a former preacher, the 1 member still in Kansas is currently homeless, and the 1 female has an undergrad degree in biology."

In full 60 KBPS splendor.

OREAGANOMICS: VERY VIETNAM from "Atlas Drugged" CD (Self-Released) 2009 (US)
OREAGANOMICS: CREATE SOMETHING TO LOVE from "Atlas Drugged" CD (Self-Released) 2009 (US)

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