Saturday, December 13, 2008

ahh but, it hurts me now...

" 1965 they were spotted by leading record producer Tom Wilson, who had earned acclaim as the producer of the seminal Bob Dylan album '
Bringing It All Back Home' and the single, 'Like a Rolling Stone'."

Frank Zappa: guitar, conductor, vocals;
Ray Collins: vocals, harmonica, tambourine, finger cymbals, tweezers;
Jimmy Carl Black: drums; Roy Estrada: bass, guitarron, boy soprano;

Elliot Ingber: lead guitar, rhythm guitar.

Produced by Tom Wilson.




Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

Totally forgotten this, its great, thanks, i'm going to dig out Freak-Out right now.

ib said...

"Freak Out!" is a really odd album; I tend to make the mistake in thinking "Who Are The Brain Police ?" is its crowning achievement, but some of those 'straight' teen dramas on it are a constant surprise.

Empire Hancock said...

When Zappa is the subject, you can be sure I'll comment. :P

I'm in the midst of celebrating Zappadan, which extends from December 4 - 21. My simple goal is to listen to something or another by Zappa on each day and do a journal entry about it. Have a peek if you're interested. derekfz -dot- livejournal -dot- com.

I grew up with an assortment of Zappa LPs from the 70s and 80s. I first heard Freak Out! when I was 15, I think. I couldn't tell you exactly what I was expecting, I just remember being severely underwhelmed by it. I like it just fine now, of course. But I wish there was an edition of the album available that I could feel sounds good all over. The cd edition has a few odd choices when it comes to the mix and some minor edits, in addition to a nice layer of the late 1980s finest fake reverb. Hence I suppose I prefer the original mix for it's authenticity, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sort of sound like crap. I mean, it sounds like what it is -- a 1960s four-track recording with enough compression to ensure everything is nice and crammed in and slightly distorted. Not that this doesn't have it's charms, but there are parts of the album that are harsh on the ears.

"You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here" is a fantastic little slice of teenage sociology. "Mom, I tore a big hole in the convertible."

ib said...


Thanks for supplying the live journal link; I did, in fact, take a peek as per your suggestion, and I've added you to my links. "Zappadan"! I can't believe I've never heard of this celebratory festival, previously... Looking forward to reading up your journal in a little bit more detail.
Cheers! Always nice to read your comments.

Your driver said...

Ib, I wish I had a copy of the Fast Product compilation. It was my introduction to the Mekons, but there were several other, lesser known bands on that comp. I liked them at least as much as the Mekons. I remembering back to about 1980 here, but I believe I was fond of a band called Scars. Oh these trips down memory lane.

LV said...

Oh Fast Product compilation is ripped on the fastidiously glorious record..
and Zappa..i think he was always at his best when he was writing (slightly skewed) pop songs instead of talking shite and trying to be funny...his doo wop roots shine through here..