Monday, December 22, 2008

love is all ib ring...

check out the bleed...

Strictly speaking, this is a Christmas 45 - a good one - and a rehash of a much older post I pulled months ago.

Produced by Joe Gibbs, and featuring the trademark killer drum & bass combination of Sly & Robbie, this 45 crept up the UK charts in February 1978 thanks to the repeated championing of veteran BBC DJ John Peel.

Recorded at Dynamic Sounds in Kingston. I have this still on Lightning Records on 7" somewhere, bought well before it reached the No. 1 spot, but I'd have dearly loved to possess the Jamaican original imprint.

ALTHEA & DONNA: UPTOWN TOP RANKING from "Up Town Top Ranking/Calico Suit" 45 (Gibbs/Trojan) 1977 (Jamaica)



mr.kenneth said...

class ... pure class ib!

a perennial favorite here @ Chez Shirley.

keep safe & groovy over the festive, mate and all the best from scorching Oz

mr.K & Shirl

ib said...

Thanks, Mr. K.

Best wishes to you and Shirl chez Radio Shirley. You're making me jealous with that all that talk of antipodean sunshine!

Peewit said...

A good tune to get the Christmas mood started. From your Comments on the last post I assume Christmas is not really your thing but nevertheless I wis you and yours The Peace of the Season


ib said...

Thanks, Peter. Good wishes to you and yours, also. Have a great Christmas.

germán, said...

Ib, Thanks for this excellent blog. Merry Christmas. Embrace.

ib said...

Germt, thanks for the kind words. Merry Christmas, my friend.

LV said...

hey merry happy jolly!
this song is amazing, and ting!
get's better with every listen..
hope you are having some fun.
good luck and thanks for all the greatness.
peace out!!

if you want it

Your driver said...

Ib, I believe the first time you posted this was the first time I read your blog. It's surely the first time I remember coming here. As I said at the time, I understand that Uptown Top Ranking was a hit in the UK, but over here it was a rumor. I never heard it until you turned me on to it, for which I am eternally grateful, your humble servant, etc.

ib said...

Thanks, LV.


ib said...

Jon. I remember you snagged this one originally before I pulled it. Quick on the draw, man.

Don't thank me, though; the fact that this ever hit No. 1 is proof positive of the contribution that a dj like Peel could make. I miss his presence greatly.

HowMarvellous said...

yep, twas a fine tune, tho' less bass heavy than I recall.

I just remembered Peel playing a very young girl group - Schoolgirls... gotta try to find it.