Thursday, December 4, 2008

"the sky falls in!"

Chicken Little says, "Oh, where is my post!"

"Oh, wicked, wicked DMCA Takedown Notice!

It's probably just as well I took the precaution of backing up all my posts. Oh, dear! On the run-up to Christmas, too!

And to think, the artist which caused all this consternation has been dead now for a number of years... It's those industry executives I
feel for; oh really, I do!! Grey suits are so expensive these days."

Chicken Little begins to ramble:

"...Honestly, I wouldn't have minded. I wouldn't have been so concerned if whoever was so mad had simply e-mailed me and asked me to remove a file.
I do so like amicable solutions. That way, too, I wouldn't feel like so much like somebody
much bigger was trying to gag me; they deleted all my thoughts
in the blink of a chicken little eye. Oh, dear! Oh, my! Whatever shall we do ?"

That Chicken Little. He's an excitable little f@cker.

If this goes on, I'll just have to start asking every visitor to hum along
in the vague hope that they're familiar with the tune.

illustration by ib.



Mondo said...

Who was it ib? - Prince did it for me.

And how do you backup your posts? I've heard talk of it, but like The Sweet 'just haven't got a clue what to do'

ib said...

It was Dusty, Dave. And quite a wordy piece too.

The annoying thing was, I'd received notification from my host that they'd complied with a request to remove file(s) but wouldn't - or couldn't - confirm which one(s). Since I was unable to deduce what had resulted in said complaint, I went through all the files but could ascertain if any had in fact been removed.

In fact, the file(s) in question remained on the server up til (and after!) I received the Take Down Notice via Blogger Support, by which time the entire post had of course been deleted.

ib said...

As for backing up your posts, all that is required is that you go into Dashboard - with Blogger In Draft (Beta) selected as Dashboard default - and from there proceed to 'Settings' where you will find an 'Export Blog' function.

This allows you to download and save all posts and comments in much the same way you would the Blog Template under the stable release. This function is only available in Draft; I use that to backup all my posts, but not to physically put the posts together - you can quite easily work between them both.

Anonymous said...

I got my first yesterday:

ib said...

The question arises whether it is indeed (a) an industry witch-hunt; (b) mere bad fortune as the result of random web trawls; or (c) some warped individual with a personal agenda, out to wreak havoc and incite angst.