Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bleak ice for winter hostels

There was nothing pretty or charming about the sheets of ice on the pavements and streets this morning. The appropriate adjective is treacherous. Damn. A pattern is emerging here, isn't it ? Apologies.

Guitar by Vini Reilly.
Produced by Martin Hannett.

THE DURUTTI COLUMN: SKETCH FOR WINTER from "The Return Of The Durutti Column" LP (Factory) 1979 (UK)

photograph by thomas.



Peewit said...

One of my favourite artists is Vini. I discovered him in a roundabout way. I was aware of the Durutti column through the pages of Sounds but had never heard anything by them. Several years later I was in the late lamented Tower records and they had Vini Reilly The Sporadic Recordings on special offer. On A whim I bought it. The next week I went back and bought the first 4 durutti column albums repackaged in A 4-CD box which was also on offer and over the next 6 months acquired everything VR had done to then on vinyl album 12" and 7". This was about the time he started releasing ambient dance music on obscure italian labels. I've lost track of what he's done since 1993 as I didn't but much music in the ealry years of marriage and now the kids are here etc.

I've been quiet of late as I have been reading "The Last Witchfinder" by James Morrow. recommended

ib said...

Thanks for the James Morrow tip, Peewit.

I'll wager the 4xCD box must have set you back quite a bit; I was shocked at the price for both new (import) and used for this LP when I was putting in a link to Amazon for purchasing. I remember the period you mention when the Durutti Column were seldom out of the music press. Like you, I was aware of them but never really engaged until later. I love the guitar sound on this track. I don't even have the complete album; I forget where I acquired this originally. And I wasn't even hip to the fact that Vini was involved in ambient dance latterly.

Thanks for the comment. Any suggestions on possible songs to feature in a future post would be greatly appreciated. I wish I'd paid more attention at the time instead of skulking off with an armful of Joy Division releases.


The Durutti Column The First Four rerelease that Peewit mentioned can be found at Castles in Space but be warned, they're on rapidshare.