Monday, December 8, 2008

snow, what f@cking snow ?*

Oh yeah. And somebody - somewhere - mentioned to me it was Christmas. Is that right ? By my calendar it's still December 8th.

F@ck Billy Bob Thornton. Next thing you know, we'll all be getting sentimentally dewy eyed over Bill Murray's million dollar panto turn
in "Scrooged".

What a load of shit. I'm always getting caught on the yuletide hop.

My watch is broke, I'm unprepared, and people babble about elves ?

Show me Angelina Jolie's pussy and I may just yet crack a smile. Then again, maybe not. I am not in the f@ckin' mood.

* Currently, the skies are too clear, and the overnight temperatures too cold here, for snow to be viable. Not much in the way of cocaine either, but - as always - ice is freely available from those vendors
desperate enough to loiter outdoors.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: THE 'PRIEST' THEY CALLED HIM from "The 'Priest' They Called Him" 10" EP (Tim Kerr) 1993 (US)



Peewit said...

Well that was ironic. I had my music playing on random in the background as I loaded up your page after a weekend away. Mike Oldfield's dsico single "Guilty" started playing just As I started reading about your DCMA takedown notices!

(Ok I know its not hip to like Oldfield but I just do, okay)

ib said...

Well; you're not so completely alone on that one, Peewit. I don't no so much regarding the embroideried excesses of "Guilty", but I am unaccountably still fond of the "Tubular Bells" series...

Regarding the DCMA takedowns: the only consolation is I am by no means alone.

Your driver said...

It is Christmas when I watch "Bad Santa". I usually put off my seasonal viewing of that heartwarming classic, but this year Christmas started early. Don't worry, I haven't broken out the Phil Spector Christmas Album yet. Long, long ago, when I worked in a record store, I would sometimes find myself sitting there, in an empty store, on a miserably hot midwestern summer day. I used to cheer myself up by playing the Phil Spector album and "The Sounds of Drag Racing", nothing but the sound of roaring dragster engines at the Winternationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. Christmas comes when we need it most. In my case, I usually don't need it at all.

ib said...

There you are. "Bad Santa" is on this thursday evening on terrestrial tv, and I believe I may watch it for the first time. I usually find the Phil Spector Christmas album too painful to listen to any time near December, too, and thankfully my son is not really an admirer of it all so there is no reason really to force myself to dig it out. Actually, these days, it is altogether too tempting to visualise "Goodfellas" with little or no prompting; I think Martin Scorcese has that one sown up by association.

Of course, the fibre optic Christmas Tree will be coming out presently. Being a father - and not necessarily even a good one - dictates that where on my own I would scarcely bother.

I think I may have heard that second album you allude to, "The Sounds of Drag Racing"; I'm positive John Peel used it over a period to sequence in and out of those records on his playlists. I taped a few shows living in a studio flat during that period. I remember listening to a quadrophonic recording of trains pulling in and out of stations back in the late 60s or early 70s. My uncle was a huge fan. More so of the technology I think.

Anything that serves to make one visualise Daytona Beach in late December - as opposed to cash registers ringing in Lapland - can only be a good thing.

Your driver said...

I beg of you: Absolutely DO NOT watch Bad Santa on Television. It will be so censored and edited that it wouldn't make any sense. I'm afraid you'll just have to find a copy somewhere. If possible, get ahold of the "Bad(der) Santa" edit. That's the version that couldn't even be shown in theaters. For those of us who feel oppressed by Christmas, Bad Santa is a small healthy gesture of defiance. You'll feel better.

ib said...

I hear you. Although, it has to be said, sexual content and violence on tv does not seem to be censored to the same die extent here as it is in the US. After the 'watershed' (9PM) virtually anything goes. I think 'Bad Santa' is scheduled for late evening viewing, so it may be relatively uncut.