Wednesday, December 3, 2008

five minutes behind the bell

We skated to school on the sides of our
shoes. Travelling faster between lamposts
than we dared. The car park was an
ice rink; carless, we use it as a short cut.

"Watch out", I said. "You'll get a ticket."

Two teenage girls took their sisters ahead
of us, laughing and dragging a five year old
on her knees, her woolen tights snagging
on frozen stubble projecting from the ground.

All girls. The youngest one giggling all
the way. Big fun. The fifteen year old tugging
a cropped halterneck down over her navel.

"Ha!" I thought. "You'll catch your death."

I have a wish. I hope when my son is older,
and I am gone, that he will remember these
mornings with fondness and some affection.



Brr, all these frigid posts are freezin' my balls off.
You need a little sumthin' to warm you up.
Sketch for Summer from The Return of...

& your word verification is watersog

ib said...

Well. We had a pretty reasonable summer, by our standards; trouble is, just when you begin to thaw out and kick back a little you get hit again with the wind, the ice and the rain.

"watersog" !

Thanks for this one. I will try and inject a little warmth into the next post...