Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"whaddya got ?"

lee marvin in
lászló benedek
's "the wild one", 1953.

Screenplay from the
short story, "The Cyclists' Raid" by Frank Rooney, in turn based the article, "Hollister Riot", which featured prominently in the July 1947 issue of 'Life' magazine.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I oughta have that film in my small collection.

ib said...

Iconic shit. Lee Marvin steals it from Brando.

Your driver said...

Lee Marvin is definitely the coolest guy in the movie. I absolutely have this one in my collection. I ought to watch it.

ib said...

I haven't seen it for a number of years. I think Brando pretty near ruins it in the role of 'Johnny', coming across as he does as one of the characters in Al Pacino's (Brian De Palma's) "Cruisin'" - one of those guys leaning on the pommel of a radio saddle and gritting his teeth.

Supreme act of miscasting.

Your driver said...

Oh no! Brando created that character and everyone else stole it from him. His character was brilliant, he just wasn't very likable. Lee Marvin's character was likable. Brando's character was fascinating.

ib said...

I definitely need to watch it again.