Monday, December 1, 2008

grafitto 191

grafitto 191.

Kenny & Leon left in a huff

David First: guitar; Barry Halkin: drums;
Steven Bilenky: bass


ib said...

It bothers me immensely that nobody has seen fit to comment on this. "Spaceland Chant" itself has generated a fair amount of play from visitors but nothing in the way of verbal feedback.

I love this song. Notekillers are for me one of the great unsung innovators of the 1977/8 era; one of the few experimental punk groups who steadfastly refused to concede that it was necessary to cement vocals and lyrics on to their sound as an afterthought or for commercial exposure. As I've mentioned previously, I can think of no bigger influence on later groups like Pavement - and that includes Mark E. Smith & The Fall, who are often cited in varying sources.

"Spaceland Chant" is superior fare to a wealth of material from the same period. I cannot imagine making mention of Philadelphia without including them in the post Philly Soul vacuum.

Troy Holder said...

Notekillers are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands out there! I came across your blog when I was researching them. Your blog is amazing, I appreciate your work.


ib said...

Thank you, Troy. It's gratifying that you stumbled in here as the result of chasing down verbage on Notekillers. The absence of commentary on this post was incredibly frustrating...

Some of the time one's best intentions appear to fall on deaf ears. That's a shame. David First and Notekillers are thoroughly deserving of serious

By way of an aside, I updated my honorary siblings sidecar links to include "Everday in the Life..."

Thanks for the shout out up there. It's appreciated.