Wednesday, December 24, 2008


RR 1272.

It seems a tad obvious, granted.

Issued on December 20th, 1972, this was the Residents' festive ever self release on Ralph Records. 500 copies in total, deliberately misnumbered with their silk-screened sleeves hand-folded and glued flat before the varnish had the opportunity to dry.

"Santa Dog's a Jesus foetus... has no presence, has no presence in the future."

Side 1: Ivory & The Braineaters - Fire.
Side 2: The College Walkers - Explosion.
Side 3: Delta Nudes - Lightning.
Side 4: Arf & Omega featuring The Singing Lawnchairs - Aircraft Damage.

"Strange titles until you realise the whole thing is designed to look like a gift/greeting card from an insurance company. President Nixon refused his copy, confirmation of his basically evil nature if it was needed."

THE RESIDENTS: FIRE from "Santa Dog" 2 x 45 (Ralph) 1972 (US)



Mick said...

Maybe if Grace Slick had succeeded in giving Tricky Dicky acid he may have been saved (somehow I doubt it).

Happy Christmas, Ib!!

ib said...

An acid bath, maybe! Can you imagine tripping with Nixon ?

Thanks, Mick. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

WZJN said...

And a happy, and peaceful, Merry Christmas to you ib my friend!

Nazz Nomad said...

All the best to you and yours for better things in '09

and you cannot convince me that Nixon WASN'T an acid fiend!

Your driver said...

Ib, a very merry Christmas to you. A pleasure to meet you this year.

ib said...

Likewise, Jon. Warmest seasonal best wishes, brother.

ib said...

Thanks, Nazz and WZJN.

It's strange to think that "Deep Throat", the infamous whistle-blower, has breathed his last just before we move into this new year; a full 36 years after this record hitched a sleigh-ride.