Tuesday, December 2, 2008

lean pickings on the plains

at the water's edge". two tepees; four piegan indians.

"In the spring, when the fish were spawning, the natives left their winter camps to build light villages at coastal locations and waterfalls. In March they caught smelt in nets and weirs, moving about in birchbark canoes....

In December when the snows began they recombined in winter camp
s in sheltered locations, where they built or reconstructed long houses. February and March were lean times. They relied on cached food, especially in southern New England. Northerners had a policy of going hungry for several days at a time. It is hypothesized that this policy kept the population down according to Liebig’s law.
The northerners were food gatherers only."


David Thomas: vocals; Jim Jones: guitar, bass, organ;
Steve Mehlman: drums; Tom Herman: guitar, bass, piano: Michele Temple: bass, guitar, organ;

Robert Wheeler: synthesizer; theremin; organ

Produced by David Thomas.
photograph in the public domain.

fancy a game of cards, brushback ?

PERE UBU: INDIANGIVER from "Pennsylvania" CD (Cooking Vinyl) 1998 (US)

PERE UBU: SILENT SPRING from "Pennsylvania" CD (Cooking Vinyl) 1998 (US)


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