Saturday, December 6, 2008

saga of the ageing DMCA takedown

Perhaps I am ruffling feathers. I have just this moment received a second DMCA Takedown Notice via Blogger support, this time concerning Thin Lizzy's debut 1971 LP on Deram. I do not intend to reinstate this post verbatim from back-up at present, even without the offending link(s).

The album itself featured the following line-up:

Eric Bell: lead guitar, 12 string guitar; Brian Downey: drums, percussion;
Phil Lynott: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar.

Please be advised. There are no link(s) to Thin Lizzy material elswhere on this blog, unless a purchasing link to Amazon is deemed to contravene the DMCA.

However, for those with an abiding interest in all things relating to Phil Lynott, I will reprise the link below - from that original post - to Muzu TV, who solicited me directly by e-mail specifically to publicize this material.


Anonymous said...

I *just* got my second one as well, this one was for Lennon's Cold Turkey. All I can say is I'm glad my main blog is on LiveJournal, which so far hasn't had any problems.

ib said...

Hey! At least I'm in good company!

I am seriously considering 'moving' this blog elsewhere.

"Cold Turkey has got me...

On the Run!"

Anonymous said...

"Cold Turkey has got me... On the Run!"

Heh, indeed! Yep, I suggest everyone on Blogger move, this truly is their way to get rid of a blogging niche they feel is a liability. Like your last post mentions, "do no evil" has been going though my head the last few weeks. Google better pipe down on that sort of talk, lest to look like bigger hypocrites than they already are. I'm sure citizens of China would agree.

Mick said...

Got my first takedown notice tonight for two Yello songs (She's Got a Gun and Pinball Cha-Cha) and the 12-inch version of of The The's Uncertain Smile. Both posts well over a year old.

ib said...

Hey, Mick. Sorry to hear. This kid of shit appears now to be endemic, and wholly arbitrary.

I feel more disillusioned than surprised.

Löst Jimmy said...

arbitrary is the word ib

ib said...

I hope so, Löst Jimmy. That individual sites might be targeted specifically in a bid to close them down is a far more offensive scenario.