Wednesday, December 10, 2008

angel of the coast

california angels, 1965. photograph by billy ray for 'life' magazine.

berdoo chapter, 1965. photograph by billy ray for 'life' magazine.

With thanks to Brian Turner of WFMU, New Jersey for originally
samples of the V.U. Norman Dolph acetate:

"By now most music heads have heard the story of Warren Hill
picking up the rare acetate of the Velvet Underground's lost Scepter
studio sessions on a Chelsea Street for 75 cents, and how it recently
turned into E-Bay mania (selling for $25,000 after an aborted
first attempt that was ruined by fake high bidders)."

DONOVAN: THE FAT ANGEL from "Sunshine Superman" LP (Epic / PYE) 1966 (UK)

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: BLACK ANGEL'S DEATH SONG (DIFFERENT MIX) from "April 1966, Scepter Studios (Norman Dolph Acetate)" Acetate (Scepter) 1966 (US)



ib said...

Once again, I am outraged! "Fat Angel" has proved hugely popular with visitors, and lo; nobody comments!

Add to this the fact that the hooded angel in the picture from '65 resembles me so much so that my son thought it WAS in fact me, and you have all the ingredients for a major hissy fit.

A round of applause for Glaswegian, Donovan, please.

Your driver said...

Hey, I like Donovan. He did not get the credit he deserves for being witty. Considering that none of them are wearing patches, how do you know they're Angels? Also, there are two of them with hoods. They've both got their backs turned to the camera. Which one has an ass that looks like you?

ib said...

Oh, they're definitely Angels; the pic is from the series that Billy Ray took for 'Life' in '65, and if you study the other photographs via the link you can see the same characters appearing in other shots.

My guess is they were travelling incognito - with their patches covered for some reason - when they were pulled over.

The guy on the left - with the oil rag or bandana - in his back pocket is the one who resembles me. I think the person on the right with the hood is actually one of the crew's old ladies; again, she appears in other photographs in the series.