Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a time for giving

prehistoric family gathering in the libyan desert.


You are using a cave painting on your site which has been in my family for the past 7,000 years and is protected by international copyright. The rock-art of

Wadi al-Hayat
is ordinarily fortified by an elaborate series of very high fences
built by successive generations of this same family - the precise method of construction being covered by patent - and it is customary to blind all paying visitors leaving said site, lest they financially profit from anything they may or may not have seen.

Please take immediate steps in accordance with the DMCA and kindly remove
said image post haste. In future, please desist from using any rock-art - or its derivatives - to illustrate those banal posts on your rock-blog.


Muammar al-Flintstone."


Peewit said...


you've just brightened my day! I thought you had been hounded out of business like Ed since you've been quiet over the last couple of days.
Beware the wrath of Barney Bin Laden of the Al Rubble Queda!

ib said...

Actually, I've been sidelined these past couple of days seeking legal advice against Scottish Power. I won't bore with the details, but we have been living like eskimos.

The Residents would be proud.

As always, bloodied but not quite beaten.

Mick said...

I knew some poor blogger was going to come a cropper for violating ancient caveman copyright law. Sorry it was you, ib. Don’t give up mate.

ib said...

Cheers, Mick. The next generation browsers will come installed with blinkers. Mark these words.