Saturday, January 3, 2009

...and a happy new year!

illustration by ib.

happy new year.

And a special thank you from my son to Nathan Ø for a very appreciated Christmas gift.
The route from California through Little Britain is more arduous and frought with peril than one might reasonably expect.

To kick off the new year in fine style - a tad later than I'd intended - here's a monstrous unseasonal freak out from Dashiell Hedayat; with musical accompaniment from Daevid Allen, Pip Pyle, Christian Tritsch, Didier Malherbe and Gilli Smyth. Recorded at Strawberry Studio on may, 1971.

Bang a gong.

DASHIELL HEDAYAT: CIELO DRIVE/17 from "Obsolete" LP (Shandar) 1971



Peewit said...

I can't let this one pass without comment. I'm a proud possessor of this on vinyl. I have often thought of putiing it out there on Ebay as my wife wants but I just can't bring myself to part with it and it's 200 odd siblings. For God sake I lost over a 1000 Children (my LPs) after my Dad died when I no longer had space to store them. I'm not giving up the rest. There I've said it (as they cart him off in the funny farm wagon as his wife gleefully gives the vinyl to the passing old woman who happens to have an apple in her hand.)

ib said...

Stand resolute. And be of good cheer.