Saturday, January 24, 2009

an unaccountably false economy

beware of false profits.

And trumped up balance sheets. The money-lenders conjure them up out the darkness only to justify their bonus.

In spite of those recent bail-outs and very public censure, the practice of collecting obscenely huge bonuses appears to continue quite unabated.

detail, "the money-lenders" by quentin metsys, c. 1515.


Mike said...

Hear, hear... nothing is going to derail the most ambitious from getting what they believe to be rightfully theirs.

ib said...

What bothers me is that nobody is doing anything to shoot the ambitious down as they run like rats to cash their cheques. Which bank do they entrust with their money ?

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Bill Gates throws Americans under the bus

Hard economic times are forcing job cuts at many businesses. Most Americans understand that; even if they deplore it. This economic downturn has even hit Microsoft. They are downsizing 5000 jobs. Of the 1400 they cut immediately, 873 were in the Puget Sound area where the company is headquartered. None of the cuts are going to be in India.

ib said...

Over here, Gordon Brown has as much of a problem saying the words "boom" and "bust" as he has admitting the reality. Meanwhile, Brown's City Minister, Lord Myners, has stepped forward officially to condemn "people who were grossly over-rewarded and did not recognise that."

He continued:
"Let us be quite clear there has been mismanagement of our banks."

That's news ?