Monday, January 19, 2009

sibling whispers #21: excavated shellac

This Kurdish oud solo, recorded possibly in 1926, comes from the first ever post on the excellent Excavated Shellac - an esoteric blog dealing exclusively in extremely hard to come by 78s from around the world; dusted down, painstakingly researched, and re-recorded on digital format for the benefit of visitors of discriminating taste:

"A weekly blog dedicated to 78rpm recordings of folkloric and vernacular music from around the world. These items are from my own collection and have been transferred to the best of my abilities, without the aid of expensive noise reduction software. They are for research purposes only."

Originally thought to have been recorded in Iran at the time of its original posting - where material of Kurdish origin was "routinely confiscated and destroyed" (as in Turkey, where possession of such material was illegal until 2003) - it now appears that the musician was likely Lebanese in origin, and the solo recorded in Syria.

An Aladdin's cave of preciously exhumed and catalogued treasures. Blink, and you may well lose out forever.

É: SAMAII HIJAZ KAR KURDI from "Samaii Hijaz Kar Kurdi" 78rpm (Odeon) 1926 (Lebanon)



Peewit said...

Well I was going to comment and thank you for reminding me on the pretty things till I heard this. Amazing. I shall be scuttling over to excavated shellac asap

ib said...

Excavated Shellac is blogging at its finest.

Matt said...

This is the type thing I'm thankful to the inter-webs (and you) for...
Something I'd probably never have come across on my own.
Good show!

ib said...

Well. Sometimes I'm guilty of keeping my big mouth shut for too long. Like "Office Naps", this particular blog provides exposure to avenues of music and culture not normally available to the curious (like me). Amazing.