Thursday, January 15, 2009

pissing in the wind

a rant, or just a little necessary agitation ? :

is rotten in the state of *@!!... downright fishy even.

Someone has stopped taking their medication, and that someone isn't me.

Well. Let's up the ante a little. Several months back, some chickenshit anoraknoid was all a quiver at the prospect of debate on what exactly constituted file-sharing and whether he actually gave a fuck. Very proud. And then he found himself in the same position as a whole bunch of others - including me - and promptly changed his tune. So much so, he snivelled that he was not in the business of giving away songs "for free" and threatened to "quit" his non-existent job as industry insider.
Big tears.

Well. Let me tell you this, cowboy. If you have a problem with me, bring it on. Come on over here and I'll jam my foot right up your motherf@cking ass, you pansy jackass Roy Rogers wannabe.

Got something to say ? No? Well, shut your fuckin' mouth.
You'll get some fucking respect right after you earn some.

Oh. I feel a whole lot better getting that shit off my chest."

Of course, it's perfectly plausible I just grabbed hold of the wrong end of the stick. Next stop the sanitorium; assuming they haven't closed it down.

THE CLASH: DENY from "The Clash" LP (CBS) 1977 (UK)



Unknown said...

Holy wow! What did I step in the middle of? Well, whatever it is, pal... I got your back!

Yeah, I checked out for a while (checked-in to a 'facility', actually) but I should be easing into things pretty quickly.

Reading through, you've been keeping on amazingly well. You're prolific as hell! Nice to see you fighting the good fight (as a character from Fallout 3 is quite fond of saying).

Word verification is 'sesall'. Sees all?

ib said...

Matt! Goddamn!

GOOD to hear from you.

Shit. No, you didn't step into anything too messy; just something that's been niggling at me for a long while now, no matter how seemingly insignificant. I could be way off the mark, but what the fuck, I just needed to vent my spleen.

"Fallout 3". Nice. My son has this on his games console, although I fear he is a trifle young for it.

In truth, I am just ratty as hell in light of persistent technical issues and all that DMCA crap from last year. Old habits die hard.

I am happy as shit to know all is well with you, brother. You had me kind of worried for a while there.

Unknown said...

Good to be back, my friend. Looking forwards to clogging up the internets again!

My 12 year old nephew got an XBox 360 (just like his uncle Matt!) for Christmas and his mom bought him Fallout 3 too, so... It all depends on the kid, I guess. And here I was feeling guilty about letting him play over here... p'shaw!

ib said...

P'shaw, indeed!

I like that reworking of "The Last Supper"; I've left a few words over at your new location and amended the link from here.


HowMarvellous said...

not making light of an excellent rant, you might (like me) find this interesting?

sadly doesn't cover Scotland.

this in the same vein.

It was the sanitorium that jumped out , see?

Must be the time of year, I was reading a whole lot about media rights/takedowns yesterday, lot of outrage etc; but this seemed especially senseless...

ib said...

Nah, this is just a rant over probably nothing in particular. Just a worm under the skin that needed to be scratched.

Thanks for the warm words of unity though, Jon.

Thanks for those links, too, HM. The case cited on "The House Next Door" defies all reason. My sympathy is with Kevin B. Lee, and I definitely agree that the legal definition of intellectual property rights has to be addressed with proper transparency and public debate.

We seem to be at a point now where access to the internet in tandem with the proliferation of litigious and combatative corporations - bankrolled by bottomless financial resources - is stifling creative expression in the very worst totalitarian extreme. If one were to apply the current practice of copyright legislation retrospectively, it is doubtful that many artists who now enjoy literary respect would even have dared to put pen to paper or submit a manuscript for publication.

Art can not be created in a vacuum; inspiration has to come from what has gone before, even if one is determined to bend and break perceived rules.

Similarly, criticism must rely on properly credited and supported source material. I read recently that the Associated Press has begun to target individuals with reference to the DMCA merely because published material has been quoted (and credited) in part. This seems to me not only ridiculous, but alarmingly Stalinist, in principle as well as practice.

Incidentally, that site dealing with global urban exploration is fantastic. A bit of a treasure trove. The section on Asylums and Hospitals, especially. I am going to link to it permanently, HM. Thanks.

HowMarvellous said...

ib - did you see the disused Glasgow underground station? looks huge.

ib said...

HM, I think I know which station that is; it lies just to the South near Shawlands. There is (was) a community of subterranean derelicts who took up home in its tunnels, much like the Mole people in New York's subway. Although I've never set foot in it, I know people who have as teenagers looking for a place to party. Allegedly, it is genuinely "creepy".

Anonymous said...

Peter is gay and he LOVES it!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter is gay and he LOVES it!!!