Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mildew on my mirrorball...

And lava on my lamp.

Twin snare attack from the most kick-ass, bubblegum-baiting, glam backing band Mike Leander could hope for. Also released as a 45 in July, 1974. Going it alone for a string of hits, they sounded infinitely snide and genuinely antagonistic. Don't allow the discomforting guilt by association force you to turn the other cheek.

John Springate: bass, vocals; Gerry Shepard: guitar, vocals;
Harvey Ellison and John Rossall: saxophones;
Pete Phipps and Tony Leonard: drums.

Produced by Mike Leander.
Written by Gerry Shepard and John Rossall.

THE GLITTER BAND: JUST FOR YOU from "Hey!" LP (Bell) 1974 (UK)



HowMarvellous said...

ib, thanks for this - not heard it for years, despite the vinyl lurking somewhere.

I never caught 'em in the heyday, but sometime in the eighties, two or more of the band were Gary's backing for tours, & what a difference they made - the songs actually sounded like the records. The Glitter band would do a few songs w/o Gary, and it was very impressive how well they could reproduce the Leander sound live.

Me n some pals slogged down to Weymouth one year, cuz Gary Glitter was meant to be playing there with a circus (literally) & coming in on the back of a 'bike on the highwire - woulda been priceless, but the tour got cancelled & it seemed the NME didn't mention that.

Gary Glitter gigs, esp Christmas shows, were some of the happiest events I've ever been to : little kids, their grandparents, students all having a marvellous time.

ib said...

I love all those old Bell 45s.

While I've often been tempted in the dim and distant, I've never caught a live performance.

It's all very sad. While I do my best to dissociate those great moments from recent revelations, it's not always so easy to escape the tarnish. Mind you, when I'm drunk... Fuck it, out come the golden hits. I absolutely believe that "Rock N' Roll" was one of the best pop 45's ever produced. What an amazing sound; and I'm convinced that Iggy - in partnership with Bowie - consciously ripped it off in "Nightclubbing". Bill Drummond's celebration of it not withstanding, it still deserves a lot more credit.

Mondo said...

I love their album - 'Hey' tainted love or not - it's still Glamtastic

ib said...

Cheers, PM. United we stand.

ib said...

In our appreciation of sparkly tat, I mean.