Saturday, January 17, 2009

on the road to damascus

Overheard from a ten year old girl at the Primary School which my son attends:

"I hate the jews. They have destroyed my country."

That not enough is done in European schools to educate the young with regard to the Holocaust is regrettable. As a child myself, this was not so much the case. The sectarian indoctrination behind the quote is all the more disturbing considering that this young girl is from Egypt; her parents are economic migrants* and relocated here after her father had an affair with another Egyptian woman, as her mother is fond of confiding in strangers.

* Contrary to popular misconception, the term "economic migrant" is not pejorative but describes:

"Someone who has moved to another country to find work. While much media focus has been on economic migration to the UK, few are aware that there are several million Britons living abroad today, most having migrated for economic betterment; no-one disputes their right to do so."


Further to an e-mail I just received, let me expand: the purpose of this post was not to blur or contradict the sad reality of the current plight of wholly innocent Gazan citizens; the intention was to express my own disconcertion that there is a growing prejudice which seeks to deny the Holocaust as undisputed historical fact. That, to me, is alarming. Let me also add that this same girl has been led by her parents to attest that the Holocaust was a myth. Rest assured, if any child at my son's school were to have voiced a similar opinion with respect to Muslims, the repercussions would be palpable. I would also advise the sender of the aforementioned e-mail to please refer to previous posts on the subject of the situation in Gaza.

In addition, the fact that nobody has commented suggests to me that people are wary of voicing an opinion which, one way or another, might be deemed as objectionable. That is understandable. As many individuals are seemingly crippled by political correctness as children are, undoubtedly, by bombs and contempt.

BIG STAR: HOLOCAUST from "Third: Sister Lovers" (PVC) 1975 (US)


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ib said...

Oh, and if you could just climb down off your high (war) horse for one second, you disagreeable bag of pus, you might also learn that my child's class has visited our - very - local mosque twice in the past year as a means of cementing religious tolerance. Moreover, at under ten years of age he seems more capable than you of grasping the concept of racism and religious discrimination.

Go crawl back under your rock.