Monday, January 26, 2009

paradise lost

engraving by lodovico cardi cigoli, 1559-1613.

Beelzebub stands immobilized in ice, tethered to the centre of the earth.

Possibly, his birth sign is Taurus. If you looked up at the stars once upon a time, you just might have seen him tumbling past Hyades.

Be•el•ze•bub |bɪˌɛlzɪbʌb|
a name for the Devil.

ORIGIN from late Latin Beëlzebub, translating Hebrew ba‛al zĕ b ū b ‘lord of flies,’ the name of a Philistine god (2 Kings 1:2), and Greek Beelzeboul ‘the Devil’ (Matt. 12:24).

Formed in Cardiff, Wales, 1966 and their first release for the label most famous for deploying tin soldiers in Itchycoo Park.

"Originally written by Lucio Battisti for Patty Pravo as "Il Paradiso" it was translated into English by Jack Fishman and was recorded by the group Amen Corner as their debut single for their new record label Immediate Records and produced by Shel Talmy."

Bubblegum with just a hint of fish n' chips.

Andy Fairweather-Low: vocals; Neil Jones: guitar; Allan Jones: saxaphone;
Mike Smith: tenor saxophone;
Michael John "Blue" Weaver: keyboards;
Clive Taylor: bass; Dennis Byron: drums

AMEN CORNER: (IF PARADISE) IS HALF AS NICE from "(If Paradise) Is Half As Nice b/w Hey Hey Girl" 45 (Immediate) 1969 (UK)


Peewit said...

Trivia time. Amen Corner is the name of a small alley off Ave Maria Lane which is at the West end of St Paul's Cathedral in London. In Amen Corner there is a block of flats called Amen Court.

Now I've always assumed that the band was named after that but Wikipedia tells me they were named after the play "Amen corner" by James Baldwin which is apparantly a play which addresses themes of the role of the church in the African-American family and the effect of a poverty born of racial prejudice on the African-American community.

I really am not convinced that what was basically a Welsh band would have named themselves after a play for which I can find no evidence of a production in the UK

ib said...

Me, neither. I always took it for granted they were named after the corner of London you referred to first; their Welsh roots not withstanding.

ib said...

Reminds me of a true story which will mean nothing to visitors outwith the UK:

An acquaintance was bragging of his sexual conquests in a bar. He takes a pull on his pint and says,

"She said I reminded her of one of the Baldwin brothers."


"Aye. Mike Baldwin, you cunt."

Unknown said...

Erm... Having never heard this before, I'm just gonna make up my own story about the name... Um, these guys got made to stand in the corner as punishment and... no wait that sucks. I'm off to check the internets about this Mike Baldwin fellow... And I think I'll listen to some Small Faces while I'm at it!

wv = torpers

ib said...


"Coronation Street" is the longest running soap on British TV, set in Oldham, Manchester; its pilot broadcast in 1960.

Mike Baldwin, a garment retail manufacturer, is a central character and has been in it pretty much from the beginning. The man with the plan; the diamond geezer entrepreneur.

You can't beat a bit of Small Faces.

Löst Jimmy said...

That business 'Underworld' has never been the same since Baldwin left, they can blame the credit crunch as much as they like for the lack of expansion (pun not intended) in the garment production but it's all down to Baldwin's demise.

Mind you, there will always be a place in my factory for acidic Sally Webster, yeah she would be just fine fitted out in a tea-lady uniform - assuming I had a fantasy factory that is.

My apologies ib for the off topic chatter - I'm having a bit of an off day at work today

ib said...

Sally Webster in a tea-ladies' uniform; I see where you're going with that one, Jimmy!

I wasn't sure if Baldwin had really bitten the dust, but I remember dropping in on an episode a while back which dealt with his cancer. Did he go into Panto or the great gig in the sky ?

These days I try to keep my soap intake down to "My Name Is Earl", although that doesn't really qualify.

No need to apologise, pal. I hope your day improves. It looks from my window like the sun has finally made an appearance.