Monday, January 12, 2009

random quote of the week #1

My son has a street racing simulation called "Midnight Cub: Los Angeles". I like the concept of being able to whizz around sprawling neon-lit urban spaces while inflicting massive collateral damage with no actual risk to life or limb. In terms of 21st century escapism, it's on a par with those EC comics of old.

Here is a quote from a particularly snide AI opponent as one's finely tuned vehicle spins out of control and disintegrates in a fusillade of hard-won modifications:

"See that light up ahead ? That's failure beginning to dawn on you, dude."

Life lesson.


HowMarvellous said...

splendid quote- the game was one o my wife's Christmas presents.

Reminds me of overhearing a well-off woman at a boat marina tell her young ( I dunno, 6 or 8yo) daughter... "Life's tough - get used to it"

ib said...

Oh, it's a fine game!

I'm intrigued. Was this a Christmas present to your wife, or from your wife ?

My son is off on a school trip to the Hunterian museum - sadly, nothing to do with Ian Hunter - this morning. His current primary school topic is on the Romans. Original purveyors of steel chariots.

Brushback said...

Ha, that's a great line.

HowMarvellous said...

from me to her - she liked the gta series & it's sorta similar in feel,naturally.

ib said...

Great stuff, HM! If only more women were into GTA. Rockstar Games rule.


Strange, whacked fare in deed.
Your quote is exactly what is going on in my mind concerning the whole blogging thing, right now. The failure is beginning to dawn on me. I may have gone 'round the bend in this Ano Nuevo. I'm just rev'ing up on strange, whacked fare. Thanks for the random.

ib said...

January is always a cold harsh month.

I have only just now - literally - managed to bring myself to take down last year's Christmas decorations, and I am finding it unusually hard to get back into the blogging gig. Cardboard boxes are strewn around the living room leaking tinsel.

Keep navigating those bends and keep a light pressure on the gas. It's good to hear from you.


You always say the right things...'keep navigating those bends & keep a light pressure on the gas'...exactly what I need do.
As for Anabella Lwin (above) Bow Wow Wow indeed. Being much older than you young whippersnappers, I felt downright lecherous (& it felt sooo gooood) when I first saw & heard. McClaren always manages. (pun intended)

your word verification is Chob Jet (kinda what popped up on seeing young Ana)

ib said...

"Chob Jet": I like it!