Thursday, January 15, 2009

an eye for an eye

"Pedantic ;

boring; self-centred; lazy; a cheeky self-righteous f@cking bastard"

Just a few choice epithets thrown in my direction over the years. Of course, none of that would sting remotely if there weren't a grain of truth in it. And I have been more than guilty myself of hurling colourful abuse at others; usually in a state of profound inebriation.

Sticks and stones.

At least, though, I have never stooped so low as to propel explosive packed rockets through the windows of my perceived enemies. Or opened fire on my neighbour's children with an IWI Galil as they exit their home on route for school. This much is inarguable. On a more prosaic level, if somebody were to beat my dog - assuming I cared to own one - I would not feel compelled to dispatch their own with a blow to the head by way of retaliation.

Perhaps that's just it. I am a cheeky self-righteous f@cking bastard, after all.

Written by Martin Bramah and Mark E. Smith. Produced by Bob Sargeant.

If this song were my child, he'd be thirty years old. Older than Pavement's first.

illustration (detail) by piffard: "signors of the night", "pearson's magazine", 1898.

TWO STEPS BACK from "Live At The Witch Trials" LP (Step Forward) 1979 (UK)


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ib said...

Hey, Löst Jimmy, a belated Happy New Year back!

"Selfish"; yes, I'd forgotten about that one. All impeccable Scottish traits!