Friday, January 9, 2009

"if you can see I'm not advertising..."

now that's what i call product placement!, vol. ix

Like Cricketclaps, I can't seem to shake the cold. I managed to briefly rid myself of one horrible viral infection at the very beginning of the year, only to succumb to yet another mutation.

This Co-Codamol shit seems to help. The Codeine in it is clearly the active ingredient, but of course the bastards lace it with Paracetamol in order that one doesn't "abuse" it. Paracetamol wreaks havoc on the liver. I detest it. In Holland in the early nineties, any idiot could purchase an over the counter syrup which was heavy on the codeine with none of that vital organ wasting crap. Such pharmaceutical liberalism is a good indicator of any civilized bureaucracy, I feel.

If this shit keeps on happening, I may well have to elbow my way into the waiting lists of the elderly and vulnerable queuing up for their annual flu jabs. That, or look forward to premature chronic liver failure.

I really do wish the imbeciles would desist from publicly expectorating in our apartment block's lifts. They would do better to read Bill Burroughs and brush up on their manners in addition to exhibiting a semblance of personal hygiene.
And if you're still incapable of grasping the rudiments of airborne infection ?

Just gaze at your shoes and kindly refrain from spitting.

CODEINE: BARELY REAL from "Barely Real" 7" EP (Sub Pop) 1993 (US)


Madame Pamita said...

I started sneezing as soon as I read this. Seriously!

ib said...

Madame Pamita! Nice of you to stop by here. I hope this virus isn't internet savvy.

The Co-Codamol is keeping the worst of the symptoms at bay here, but it continues to linger. Of course, I smoke like a chimney; so my bad personal habits do little to help.

As usual, any New Year's resolutions I may have toyed with regarding getting into better shape are rapidly going nowhere.

Stay warm and well and keep playing.