Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Not included on the original '73 LP release, this working demo from a pre-studio home session is to my ears superior in every sense to the final recorded version. But you knew I'd say that, right ?

Of course, most of the time "sorry" doesn't cut the mustard. But just as often, it's all that's left which can be said.

Photograph by
Scott Peterson.

JOHN LENNON: AISUMASEN (I'M SORRY) [HOME VERSION] from "Mind Games" CD (Apple / EMI) 1973 / 2007 (UK)



Löst Jimmy said...

Sorry is over-rated, I hardly ever mean it or perhaps I do at the time but shortly after wards I slip back into my old ways.

Sorry......, oh there I go again.

ib said...

Well put, Löst Jimmy. Yes. Sorry is an inanity. Still, it covers a multitude of sins.

WZJN said...

A real gem this version and one of many others Lennon did as covers. Though I do share your enthusiasm for this particular demo, I have to confess that the studio verion, with a dagger through the heart lead in the middle, absolutely slays me upon each listen.

ib said...

Thanks for the pointer, WZJN. I will reinvestigate the definitive version with an ear for just that.