Sunday, February 15, 2009

brothers grimm

Out of the ashes of the monumental Neu!, featuring brothers Klaus and Thomas Dinger, Nikolaus van Rhein, and Harals Konietzko.

Produced by La Düsseldorf and Konrad Plank.

RIP, Klaus. Fetch me a f@cking engel with tinfoil wings. And a stick to beat it with.

from "La Düsseldorf" LP (Germaohon) 1976 (Germany)


Lightning Baltimore said...

A name I've known but not investigated, despite my love of Neu! It is obvious now that I must rectify this situation!

ib said...

Yeah, this is the album to go for first, I think. The follow-up "Viva" is also incredibly good but not quite in the same league.

Neu! are astounding.