Thursday, February 19, 2009

done come

Arranged by Billy Strange. Long out of print, but currently available via compilation.

The lyrics here are as irritatingly maudlin - and unintentionally hilarious - as Ervin Drake's "September of My Years", but Hazlewood's lowing burr elevates the performance into something genuinely affecting. The strings, though, almost blow it in the final bars.

Last orders. I wonder if Bernard Manning ever covered this in cabaret ?

LEE HAZLEWOOD: MY AUTUMN'S DONE COME from "The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood" LP (MGM) 1966 (US)



HowMarvellous said...

what a splendid choice - one I've not heard too.

Thanks ib

Bernard Manning? - there's a thought...

ib said...

He was huge in Vegas, once upon a time.

ib said...

Then he just got huge.