Sunday, February 15, 2009

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In an effort to curtail this before it turns into 'Car Crash Radio' proper, my intention herein is to desist from unburdening my woes in unflinching detail. To anyone who may have received a voyeuristic kick out of my ramblings, please accept my apologies.

If you work for the BBC, leave a tip on the way out. In the words of Nazz Nomad, "Move Along, folks; nothing to see here."

Produced by Jimmy Miller and mixed by Andy Johns.

THE ROLLING STONES: DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO (HEARTBREAKER) from "Goats Head Soup" LP (Rolling Stones Records) 1973 (UK)



Anonymous said...

is this to say that "normal services will resume as soon possible" ...

goodness, the last few well considered posts have been somewhat illuminating and perversely enjoyable. Honestly ib .. you're a fine scribe!

"car crash radio" ?

I like it!!!


ps ... is there some kind of Rolling Stones global revival going on? I tell ya, the old buggers are around so many cybercorners at present.

ib said...

Well, yes, Mr. K, insofar as it was ever 'normal' in the first instance. Writing about all this shit is mildly cathartic, certainly, but nobody likes a crybaby.

I feel like I'm painting myself in on the corner of a George Jones songs, and perhaps I ought to quite before I typecast myself.

Expect the occasional relapse, however.

"The Stones never really went away, did they ?"

Thanks for the comment, as always.

ib said...

I'm confused and exhausted, and already raw from wearing this hair shirt.

See ? It took me three attempts just to get out that one line.

Löst Jimmy said...

Holy Hair Shirts Batman!

Nothing wrong with rambling and sharing tales ib, right minded readers will appreciate the blog as another medium to express worry and stuff. Even my straight and narrow becomes too narrow at times compelling me to delve into personal mutterings on my own Blog Planet.

In the future if the needs must, relapse away.

ib said...

Cheers, Jimmy.

Mick said...

I forgive you for unburdening your woes but that picture you posted about a week ago gave me nightmares. Looks like it's deleted now but you know the one...urgh!