Sunday, February 1, 2009

top of the world, ma...

white heat ?

When I was growing up, I was criminally obsessed with the films of James Francis Cagney, Jr: Public Enemy No.1. Repeats of repeats of repeats on Sunday TV. Old people with false teeth smiling at me over a whiskey. You know the score. For every Edmond O' Brien there has to be some f@cker prepared to light the fuse.

In the seventies' it was James Caan. These days, it's James Caan't.

My father's aunt could name every last one of the Bowery Boys, I swear...

A spinster who worked all her life in a shoe factory less than 200 yards from her house, she spent most of her free time in church. I know. She would save up for the summer months and take coach holidays to Italy and France to immerse herself in a Passion Play.

Big romance without the guilt. Consummation without torn pantyhose. Intact.

She outlived both my father and his brothers.

There is much to be said for living a pure life. And as much to be said against.

"Ha! He'll never get to heaven, now!"

I watched a John Wayne movie last night. It reminded me why I liked James Cagney.

Written by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn.
Arranged by Gordon Jenkins.
Recorded March - May 1959, Studio A, Hollywood.


Your driver said...

My father has an accent very similar to the one the Bowery Boys imitated. I'm sure your great aunt would be impressed.

ib said...

I'd be impressed too. I fuckin' loved those films. White Heat. I was never fooled by that thin smile, though...

Or the tap-dancing.

Anonymous said...

excellent... cue the rain.

ib said...

You got rain ? Shit. We got a good couple of inches of hard snow.

The cold weather is back with us for a while...

Löst Jimmy said...

Cagney, a legend!

"Made it, Ma!
Top of the world!"

Löst Jimmy said...

PS No snow here just sleet and rain and oh more sleet

ib said...

It's iced over again here this evening, but the snow can't make its mind up.

The foyer door to our block has been off since the weekend with no attempt to replace it so far as I can see - something about it not being an emergency - and when the snow comes on it has been driving in around the lifts.

Nice to see the GHA continues to reserve an open door policy for rats and frostbitten junkies.