Friday, February 20, 2009


"the inquistion tribunal", 1812-19 by francisco de la goya y lucientes.

SERGE GAINSBOURG: LUNATIC ASYLUM from "L' Homme à Tête de Chou" LP (Philips) 1976 (France)



Mondo said...

I do love a splash of Serge - I posted something from his Meloday album last week, must get some more though

ib said...

"Melody" is a superb album, but way too painful for me to listen to right now, unfortunately.

Löst Jimmy said...

I like your choice of Goya's painting -

I think his depiction of the original 'show trials' was excellent

Have a good weekend ib

Keep well

ib said...

I haven't looked closely at Goya since I was much younger. It's about time I opened my eyes to him again.