Wednesday, February 4, 2009

three piece sabatier

HAR 5144.

Produced by Mike Thorne - in what was to be the first act in a long affair - Wire's debut release for Harvest was essentially little more than a foretaste to the broader canvas of "Pink Flag". More succinctly, as a humble 7" it rejuvenated Harvest - a label not associated with the cutting edge for some time - overnight in the eyes of a younger audience, and at the same time time underpinned the provocative with a sense of jaded purpose.

To paraphrase an early guest post on Art Decade:

This is the soundtrack of mundane revolt; of dangerously sharp utensils lurking in the kitchen drawer.

Colin Newman: vocals; Robert Gotobed: drums;
Bruce Gilbert: guitar; Graham Lewis: bass.

WIRE: MANNEQUIN from "Mannequin b/w Feeling Called Love / 12XU" 45 (Harvest EMI) 1977 (UK)

WIRE: FEELING CALLED LOVE from "Mannequin b/w Feeling Called Love / 12XU" 45 (Harvest EMI) 1977 (UK)

WIRE: 12XU from "Mannequin b/w Feeling Called Love / 12XU" 45 (Harvest EMI) 1977 (UK)



Löst Jimmy said...

like clowns, mannequins can also be scary.

ib said...

Mannequin(s), plural, being the operative word; I see I had duplicate files uploaded there.

I'm losing it, Jimmy! But, yeah, mannequins can be superlatively creepy. The scariest Doctor Who series I recall as a kid was the one featuring the showroom dummies. I can't remember whether it was Patrick Troughton or an early John Pertwee, but they remade it recently, I see.

davyh said...

The Autons!. Aaaaahhhh!!!!!

Love Wire. And don't they still sound brilliant?

ib said...

The Autons, yes! Thanks, Davy.

Mind you they don't look too intimidating in that shot with their toupees still in place and the smoking jackets over the boiler suits...

davyh said...

No, those Pertwee Whos are mostly scarier In Your Head, I find.

Löst Jimmy said...

ib and Davy

You are absolutely right, for me along with the Sea Devils, those Autons were scary in a nostalgic trip type way

Brushback said...

"Mannequin" has always been my favorite Wire song, for whatever reason.