Thursday, February 12, 2009


mark e. smith, 2005.

The Fall will be performing a two night stint in Glasgow shortly, overtime included. Shiftless though i am, I may yet make it.

Written by Craig Scanlon and Mark E. Smith, from their follow-up to the blistering "Extricate". Lite. No Brix.

This one is for Löst Jimmy, who - along with his co-workers at "The Factory" - recently suffered a nastily enforced wage cut. See Moving Like A Parallel
ögram!, formerly "Me, Myself & Mötorhead".

THE FALL: SHIFT-WORK from "Shift-Work" LP (Fontana / Cog Sinister) 1991 (UK)


davyh said...

Not 'Rose'? ; )

Löst Jimmy said...

Thank you for the solidarity ib, it is appreciated!

Wishing you a good weekend from this side of Alba.....

ib said...

No, not "Rose", Davy.

Cheers, Löst Jimmy. Have a good weekend too.