Sunday, February 8, 2009

lucid ardor

ar•dent |ˌɑːd(ə)nt|
enthusiastic or passionate : an ardent baseball fan | an ardent suitor. See note at eager .
• archaic or poetic/literary burning; glowing : the ardent flames.

ar•dent•ly adverb

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French ardant, from Latin ardens, ardent -, from ardere ‘to burn.’

It's snowing again. And all I can see are the empty spaces between each flake.

From a bootleg which, until very recently, was quite unknown to me. With a grateful tip of the hat to my siblings over at Art Decade.

BIG STAR: FEEL (ROUGH MIX) from "Ardent Studio Sessions (1972-73)" CD (Bootleg) 1973 (US)

BIG STAR: THE BALLAD OF EL GOODOO (ROUGH MIX) from "Ardent Studio Sessions (1972-73)" CD (Bootleg) 1973 (US)

photograph by robert anderson, 1993.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm not sure I'd even heard these ones before, even though the whole bootleg is presumably on my iPod somewhere.

Ever heard of this band "Cargoe"? They were on the Ardent label as well and apparently their one album is supposed to be good. I'm trying to track it down.

ib said...

"Cargoe", eh ? I need to check that one out.

This bootleg is beautifully produced. Lots of separation.