Thursday, February 5, 2009

drugstore cowboy

LESTER BANGS & PETER LAUGHNER: DRUGSTORE COWBOY / I'M SO BORED / G'BYE LOU from "The Creem Office Sessions: 1975 / 6 x MP3 (WFMU) 2007 (US)


Tara Shareifi said...

Hi! I have a Youtube channel and I was wondering if I could use this pic in one of my videos!? Obviosusly credited to your blog

ib said...

Hey Tara.

Good of you to enquire about usage. In most instances, where pictorial content has been sourced from a third party, I do my best to credit it accordingly. In this case, though, I procured the image from a web search and was unable to fulfill that criteria.

I have no definite clue as to the photographer responsible, but the image was - to the best of my knowledge - in the public domain.