Sunday, February 15, 2009

i am beg mac

Forgoing any commas out of respect for the original. Mark E. takes 1982's "Hip Priest" - from "Hex Induction Hour" - for a whipcracking walk around the block in a resurrected version as part of the soundtrack commissioned for contemporary dance darling, Michael Clark. The album title itself is a nod in the direction of the 1960's art house cinema of Swedish director, Vilgot Sjöman.

With Brix Smith on guitar. Produced by Ian Broudie and Mark E. Smith.

Paul Gadd would be proud. I, however, am not altogether fond of high theatre and its unholy mix of tap dancing egos. Air kiss this, motherfuckers.

THE FALL: NEW BIG PRINZ from "I Am Kurious Oranj" LP (Beggars Banquet) 1988 (UK)

THE FALL: HIP PRIEST from "Hex Induction Hour" LP (Kamera) 1982 (UK)



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Löst Jimmy said...

That comment, read 'advert' was so intense this suggests to me the author is still a caffeine addict.

I didn't read it all but what I did see gave me the jitters much like this mug of rocket fuel coffee I am drinking

ib said...

Coffee. Goooood.