Sunday, February 1, 2009

mi par d'udir encora

benjiamino gigli:

March 20th, 1890 - November 30th, 1957.

Regarded - quite rightly - as one of the greatest tenors in recent history, I first heard this recording from Bizet's "Les Pecheurs Des Perles" (1863) on a scratchy 78rpm - slotted somewhere in between the hits of Roy Orbison - as a child. It remains one of the few operatic performances I am prepared to confess I enjoy.

I have no real inkling as to how it got in there. My dad was contrary and often mysterious. Most of the time he refused to reveal much, stoically hushed.

There is something profoundly ordinary and human in Gigli's expression which leaves more celebrated voices for dead. Something of Kafka and the mouse folk.

Little Caesar; full of holes. And bleeding on the sidewalk. Edward G. Robinson.

Conducted and arranged by Rosario Bourdon for RCA Victor, I gather this piece was recorded sometime between 1929 and 1932.

BENJIAMINO GIGLI: MI PAR D'UDIR ANCORA (Bizet: Les Pecheurs Des Perles) from "Benjiamino Gigli: Historical Recordings (1927-1951) CD (Gala) 1990 (Italy)




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