Sunday, July 20, 2008

deodato, carly and carole

creed taylor industries.

Recorded by Eumir Deodato in Brazil, 1972 and featuring a stellar line-up including several members of the original Os Catedráticos (with whom he'd recorded since 1964), the title used for the album's release in Brazil on the Equipe label.

Thanks to the mighty Loronix for filling in some of the blanks. More Deodato.

Unfortunately, I was unable to source any pictures of Carly and Carole getting it on.

EUMIR DEODATO: CARLY AND CAROLE (Dedicated to CARLY SIMON & CAROLE KING) from "Skyscrapers" LP (CTI) 1973 (US/Brazil)



Peewit said...

I had Deodata's album from which Also Sprach Zarathustra came from. This is quite different.

ib said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on this one! Yeah, I must admit I far prefer Deodato's funkier moments.

Did you catch Emmett's series of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" covers over on Art Decade ?