Friday, July 11, 2008

goin' back to miami, part iii: moving to florida

is it in my eye ?

Continuing our Florida Fantasy theme spread over the last couple of days, here's Gibby Haynes and fellow upstarts stirring things up in the mid-eighties on their second studio EP.

"The EP was originally released on Touch and Go. It was also included with CD editions of Rembrandt Pussyhorse in the U.S. and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac in the U.K. Rembrandt Pussyhorse and Cream Corn... were again packaged as a single album when they were reissued on Latino Buggerveil in 1999."

Smear it all over.

BUTTHOLE SURFERS: MOVING TO FLORIDA from "Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis" EP (Touch & Go) 1985 (US)


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