Wednesday, July 2, 2008

missa luba: gloria in excelsis deo

gloria in excelsis deo.

Well, the intention was to lead today with an extended celebration of Van's "Gloria", but following yesterday's (very courteous, admittedly) visitation by the "web sheriff" it would seem that's no longer on the agenda.

Of all those covers of this wonderful song, my own favourite is perhaps Patti Smith's from 1975's "Horses", but the Doors also did a mean live version, as did the Human Beinz in Japan, and the Blues Magoos on 1967's "Electric Comic Book".

Anyway, it's all a little immaterial in light of recent events, so stepping onto safer ground like a missionary navigating righteously hostile territories, let's instead turn our attention to 1963's remarkable Philip's release, "Missa Luba", featuring Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin.

You might recall that the featured rendition of David Fanshawe's chorale was used to good effect in Lindsay Anderson's anti class didactic, "If..." in 1968. A european mass sung in a Congolese flavour, it was directed by Father Guido Haazen, who was presumably engaged in the Congo on a crusade to save souls and instil his little piece of dove winged heaven in the heartland of Africa.

LES TROUBADOURS DU ROI BAUDOUIN: MISSA LUBA (SANCTUS) from "Missa Luba" LP (Philips) 1963 (France)

MUUNGANO NATIONAL CHOIR, KENYA: MISSA LUBA (GLORIA) from "Missa Luba" CD (Philips) 1990 (France)




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Hi Again IB,

Many thanks for your - equally courteous - post of today and thanks, also, on behalf of Exile for respecting their request.

All The Best,


ib said...

Thanks for your kind regards, Web Sheriff.

You'll forgive me if I go on record as saying I hope any return visits are not in any professional capacity!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Web Sherriff.

It's funny, I was emailing with a former audioblogger in Ireland who said that the IRA (Irish Recording Association? I may have the acronym wrong) had asked him to remove some links. It seems that the web police go after different targets in the British Isles than in the U.S. Weird. Well, at least he didn't throw you in Web Jail.

Equally strange, I was just an RCH (red cunt hair) away from posting Them's Gloria this week myself. Is there a mono mix of that floating about anywhere?

Peewit said...

Funny how you should moan about lack of comments and then you receive some unwelcome ones!

Thanks for posting this I haven't heard it in years!

ib said...

Ha Ha Ha, Emmett. IRA ? RCH ? Clearly, you are in merry fettle this weather!

You're right about the Web Sheriff... I like his style! I have no problem whatsoever with removing material when requested ; their approach demonstrates welcome equanimity and warrants my 50,000 watts disclaimer.

There's no point in staging a gunfight at the OK Corral - You know what became of the Clantons!

ib said...

You're welcome, peewit!

There is definitely an irony in my rant about a lack of comments only to have the sheriff following me down the lonesome trail...

Cool weblog you have. I've added you to my links.


Unknown said...

Interesting stuff. Both the music and the WS visiting. I've just spent the past hour reading around the web about him/her/it... Seems like a conversational sort!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and glad I did. Great music, great writing. Kudos!

ib said...

Thanks, Nicole! As Jimi would've said, it's good to get the feedback.