Thursday, July 10, 2008

method man & redman

how high ?

Hip-Hop is not something you will normally see on this site.

In Wu-Tanger, Method Man's case I am quite prepared to make an exception. Written by Erick Sermon.

METHOD MAN: HOW HIGH ? (REMIX) from "Blackout!" CD
(Def Jam) 1999 (US)



Peewit said...

Ok why can't I get this track to play using the Yahoo player? it spende aging buffering then it goes off and fins one of the other tracks on the site at random. I don't want to download it as like you I am not overly fond of hip hop but I did want to listen to it on your recommendation.

ib said...

Hi, peewit, Strange... It's working here at this end. I'm gonna reupload it and check it out.

ib said...

Hey, Peewit ; don't know if you're still there, but I reuploaded the link (not the MP3) regardless. It's buffering and playing for me on Yahoo Player without any problem.

Could it be your cache ?

Let me know if this problem persists. Similarly, anybody else who may have problems.

Peewit said...

ib, it's working now but its still not my cup of tea. Having said that i still play regularly "THe Message" a record ften regarded as the progenitor of rap and hip hop etc

ib said...

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were the first (and only ?) Sugarhill Records act I went out and bought. "The Message" is a fine lyric indeed.

I always thought Lou Reed was ultimately the first rapper on the block, but then again...

Glad this is working for you now, even if you don't like it!