Friday, July 4, 2008

the return of riz ortolani

ray milland in deep in the pyjama girl case.

From wiki:

"The Pyjama Girl Case is a soundtrack album from director Flavio Mogherini's 1977 giallo genre movie by the same name, based on one of Australia's most known unsolved murder mysteries... The film's original Italian title is La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo, translated as The Girl In The Yellow Pyjama. The album includes the instrumental soundtrack score by composer Ritz Ortolani as well as two tracks with vocals by French singer Amanda Lear. The album remains unreleased on compact disc."

Thanks to Nate's now sadly defunct 7 Black Notes via Bret on Egg City Radio, who many will still remember used to curate the sublime Post-Punk Junk.

For a more detailed synopsis on Mogherini's film, with great supporting forensic evidence see Moon In The Gutter.

Apologies for the fidelity, but this is an historical document. Not Riz at his best, certainly, but it helps put his finest in context.

RIZ ORTOLANI: "LA RAGAZZA DAL PIGIAMI GIALLO (featuring AMANDA LEAR)" from "The Pyjama Girl Case" LP (Cinevox) 1978 (Italy)


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