Saturday, July 12, 2008

t in the park

twats in the park.

I'm not a fan of music festivals, I must confess. There is something about queuing up in the rain to file into a huge open space flanked by portable toilets waiting to throw up their effluent which sets my teeth
on edge.

Would you bed down on a concrete stable floor on minimum wages just to muck out for R.E.M. and the Verve ?

This weekend's 'T' in the Park festival in Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland is no exception. Rest assured, I shall not be there.

For a hilariously scathing - in the main - account of 1985's Live Aid fiasco, head over to Any Major Dude With Half A Heart. You won't be disappointed. And you can reLIVE it from the comfort of your very own sagging chair in front of your monitor.

Hunching curmudgeonly crab-like over a table in some dimly lit venue is infinitely more my style.

I do like Tennents' Lager, though.

And they've banned consuming alcohol in public spaces, too. What is the world coming to ?


Löst Jimmy said...

In my long gone younger days I did attend Donnington a couple of times and Reading and loved the experience save for the ablutions. It was a bit like olde bike rallys but much bigger and with more music
Nowadys though I have become too tired for such youthful exhuberance.

I am sitting here this evening in front of the idiot's lantern waiting to see if BBC Three will bother to show the RATM set, but it doesn't look like it.

ib said...

Hey, Löst Jimmy, I too am too tired at the thought of barging through vast crowds politely with a perpetual smile painted on my face, but I'm not sure I really ever was the sort to enjoy that kind of thing.

BBC Three is kind of hit and miss. Good luck with RATM set ; Rosa has the set tuned to "Casualty" here, but at least there is plenty of brandy.

Did you catch the link about the Oxygen Festival in Ireland ? I stuck it in after I originally posted this and read about it in Saturday's paper. Fucking disgrace.✠

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